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With sustainability and environment in the forefront of her mind, Hannah Nowlan is an emerging Artist, living and working from a home based studio in Black Rock, Victoria, Australia.

“Our studio and workshop in Black Rock, closely located by the sea reflects my families elemental connection to the environment and coastal landscapes. As a family and small business we collectively recognise our responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment.” — Artist, Hannah Nowlan

Original artwork ‘Deep End’ Underworld 2017, Photograph ©  Suzi Appel

Original artwork ‘Deep End’ Underworld 2017, Photograph © Suzi Appel



As a studio we believe in full transparency and we are always reviewing our studio processes to tread lighter on the earth. We work with sustainable materials, sourced locally where possible. Our key materials are sustainable high quality Tasmanian Blackwood timber and sustainable flax Linen canvas.

Our raw Linen canvas is stretched onto hand-built pine timber stretches and enclosed within carefully handcrafted Tasmanian Blackwood frames with our signature double biscuit corner joinery. Throughout this process we maintain long-term conservation of our paintings by working with acid free gallery standard materials.

Through working directly with the materials ourselves (from beginning to end) during the creation of each bespoke original artwork and frame, we can ensure the highest quality and the most considered outcome.



All studio and workshop floor waste is re-used, repurposed or recycled. All timber offcuts are used to keep us warm throughout winter. All sawdust and coffee grinds are repurposed in our compost bins before eventually residing in our urban vegetable garden.

All our printed material is printed on premium quality 100% recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks. Packaging is consciously kept to a minimum throughout our studio process. We will deliver your order in a hand-built post-consumer recycled cardboard box. Our artworks are first wrapped in acid free tissue paper or recycled brown paper.

We aim to avoid using plastic throughout our packaging process however for safety precautions during the transportation of our valuable and fragile artworks, a final layer of heavy duty bubble wrap must be applied. We advise our customers to consistently reuse our quality bubble wrap for both personal use and future packages to avoid it ending up in landfill.